How we work

Initial Contact

Peratech Design ServicesPeratech is fully aware of the need for commercial non-disclosure with regards today's product development cycles. With that in mind, after making first contact with our team it is then standard practice to mutually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that both parties core IP and products are protected.

Generally speaking, the next stage of engagement is a Sample Loan Agreement that allows the client to get hands-on with particular Peratech demonstration sensors and get a feeling for what QTC™ Material could add to their product.

Design Consulting Services

Peratech is always looking for new commercial opportunities to add value to a customer's product by incorporating force/touch capabilities. The team enjoys a challenge and will advise from the outset of a project on the feasibility of QTC™ Material integration and what benefits the addition of pressure might bring to a product.

The sales, design and material manufacturing teams have a wealth of experience with our products and can easily suggest best practices and design rules to ensure the best path to mass production.

Mechanical integration drawings and sensor layouts are all produced in-house by the design team using a Solidworks 3D CAD workflow, so integration with your existing CAD models and files is never an issue.

Peratech has developed QTC™ Material, QTC™ Material Components, Integration/Connectivity Solutions, associated firmware/software and provides NRE consulting services to work with customers in order to optimise these within a customer's product or application.

These chargeable NRE project design services enable rapid low risk prototyping and rapid production deployment by licencees. If you have in mind a broad range of different products and long term design needs, individual NRE projects may not be the most efficient method of working, and a Development Licence may be more appropriate. You can always contact us to discuss your requirements in more depth.

Licensing & Support

Peratech makes QTC™ Material, QTC™ Material Components, Integration/Connectivity Solutions, associated firmware/software and reference designs available to customers for their product/application through licensing. QTC™ Material is supplied under license and QTC™ Material Supply Agreement to the client, the client's OEM or preferred manufacturing partner for sensor production and printing. If you do not have a preferred enabler, Peratech can suggest a suitable contact to help.


Key Points

  • Peratech does not manufacture sensors, just the ink to enable them. Any sensors provided as examples or demonstrations are in-house prototypes for evaluation and not actual products.
  • Peratech charges for NRE design work and projects. Each agreement is customised to suit the specific requirements, so costs vary.
  • Peratech's core revenue is taken from the license to use QTC™ Material inks. Each license is customised, according to many factors, including timescales, product cost and manufacturing volumes, amongst others.
  • A development license is a flexible alternative to individual NRE projects where a client has many areas of product focus. This is also charged for at a custom rate depending on the scope of work involved.