Medical Applications

QTC™ Material Medical

Blood pressure cuff with a QTC™ Material tension sensor.

Helps reduce inaccurate readings from improper cuff attachment. when the cuff is being applied to the patient or self applied, the device automatically indicates when the proper amount of tension in the cuff has been reached.


QTC™ Material Medical

Respiratory monitor.

Monitor/record the associated expansion and contraction of patient's or athlete's chest during respiration. QTC™ Material sensor replaces gas pressure sensor which requires glass inflator. Could replace pneumographs tubes connected to lie detector.


QTC™ Material Medical

Bed occupancy sensor.

Provides an early warning that the patient has left their bed (e.g. when getting out of bed during the night) and not returned within a predetermined time period, indicating that they may have had a fall.

An emergency alarm can be automatically raised if the individual does not return to bed.


QTC™ Material LearningQTC™ Material sensing in prosthetic socket.

Sense pressure applied by limb against prosthetic stump. Evaluate pressure areas for improved comfort in future socket castings.






QTC™ Material MedicalCPR chest compression monitor.

Compressions are measured and prompted to facilitate the effective cpr administration.

QTC™ Material detects chest compression force being applied to the chest and the frequency of compression.





QTC™ Material MedicalPhysiology.

Measure hand grip strength for muscular fatigue studies.








QTC™ Material MedicalPressure monitor in car seat for ergonomic or anthropometric data.

Active alert for seat belt or use in safety tests to detect impact of dummy on different points of car seat in accidents, improve cushioning for impacts.