QTC™ Material

Force-QTC™ Material-SignalIntroduction to Quantum Tunnelling Composite

Quantum Tunnelling Composite is a new class of electrically conductive material that has been developed to advance the capability of switching and sensing systems. QTC™ Material is a pressure switching and sensing material technology.

QTC™ Material is a patented technology developed in the UK by Peratech Limited based on original discoveries by David and Chris Lussey, the company's founders.

First produced in 1996, QTC™ Material is a composite material made from conductive filler particles combined with an elastomeric binder, typically silicone rubber. The unique method of combining these raw materials results in a composite which exhibits significantly different electrical properties when compared with any other electrically conductive material.

QTC™ Material - electrically conductive material

QTC™ Material has the unique ability to smoothly change from an electrical insulator to a metal-like conductor when placed under pressure. While in an unstressed state the QTC™ Material is a near-perfect insulator; with any form of deformation the material starts to conduct and with sufficient pressure metallic conductivity levels can be achieved.

Historically, carbon particulates have been used in conductive composites. However, these traditional carbon composites are different in significant ways and these differences make QTC™ Material a unique answer to many switching and sensing problems.

The major differences are:

  • Carbon composites always show some conduction, typically with a resistance of a few thousand ohms, whereas in the unstressed state, QTC™ Material can be considered an insulator at 1012 ohms.
  • Under pressure, carbon composites can decrease to a few hundred ohms, whereas QTC™ Material can reduce to less that 1 ohm.
  • The deformation required to produce a significant (factor of 10) change in resistance is significantly less for QTC™ Material than for carbon composites – QTC™ Material is more sensitive.

These differences mean:

  • QTC™ Material can be used as a solid state switch - in the "off" state it is a good insulator and in the "on" state it is as good as a metal conductor.
  • QTC™ Material can be used to detect even very small changes due to compression, tension or other stresses.
  • QTC™ Material devices can carry significant currents allowing for the direct control of loads.

Peratech has introduced new components for switching and sensing applications enabled with QTC™ Material for potential uses across a wide range of industries. See examples of potential QTC™ Material applications.


Key benefits of using QTC™ Material


What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material is a pressure/force sensing material. It can be easily integrated into existing products to enable force sensing opportunities and solutions.

What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material is mechanically strong.

What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material is an enabling technology which is simple and reliable to use.

What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material can be directly interfaced to standard electronic and electrical devices.

What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material is durable - it has no moving parts to wear out.

What is QTC Material?

QTC™ Material and/or technology can be customised for customer requirements, applications and products.