Research & Innovation

Peratech ResearchPeratech has a cutting-edge research laboratory facility and continuously carries out research and innovation for the benefit of its QTC™ Material licensees to further enhance and improve the core solution materials.

In parallel to the ongoing QA and lifecycle testing of our material solutions, Peratech is actively developing many additional members of the QTC™ Material family, as part of an extensive development plan.

Current R&D activities include development, improvements and commercialisation of:

  • Inkjet Printable QTC™ Material Opaque Ink
  • Photogravure Printable QTC™ Material Opaque Ink

As these solutions move out of R&D anto into commercial mass-production, they are added to the Core Solutions Portfolio.

Peratech welcomes enquiries from potential partners, clients and interested parties regarding all of our products in order to provide the latest information.

Peratech Research Lab