Tools & Industrial Applications

QTC™ Material Tools

QTC™ Material sensor uses hand pressure as switch and variable speed control of drill.

QTC™ Material ‘dead-man’ safety switch used as safety feature on chainsaw. Saw activates when both hands are gripping the handle areas embedded with QTC™ Material.


QTC™ Material Tools

QTC™ Material pressure mats / floor pad switch for health & safety, security and multimedia applications.

Low cost covert method of detection. Sensor pad can be mounted on a flat or curved surfaces covered with conventional coverings, such as carpet. Sensor can be produced to given size and thickness.



QTC™ Material Tools

QTC™ Material integrated within a badge to detect low level radiation in medical or industrial environments.

Electronics can monitor/alert independent users on legal, safe radiation exposure throughout their work conditions. QTC™ Material can also react to sudden change in radiation level to alert individuals or staff.

QTC™ Material Tools

QTC™ Material embedded controls within space suits.

For example suit light controls on shoulder or remote controls to manoeuvre robotic instruments, such as a rover to explore difficult terrain surfaces inaccessible or dangerous with a space suit.

Embedded controls within suits can be of benefit to military and navy for controlling UVA or underwater rover.