Types of QTC™ Material

QTC™ Material can be supplied in various forms by Peratech or Authorized Vendors to enable a product or application licensee to manufacture products.

Peratech has historically offered three forms of QTC™ Material for customer projects. Each form offers different properties to suit the required project application:


Polymer based QTC™ Material coatings for films and printed circuit applications. This is one of Peratech's primary core solutions and is available to clients and licencees for development and mass production in both Opaque and Clear forms.


Bulk QTC™ Material product in a small preformed shape suitable for many basic applications. Can be used in most standard production methods including extrusion, molding and die-cut parts from sheet material. Not currently in mass production.


Silicone, solvent or aqueous based QTC™ Material granular forms providing large surface areas for fluid sensors. Not currently in mass production.