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About Peratech

Peratech is a Force-sensing HMI/MMI Solutions Company, founded in 1996 and inventor/developer of proprietary QTC® (Quantum Tunnelling Composites) materials, providing next-generation Touch/Force-Sensing solutions for fantastic user experiences.

Peratech’s 19 years of materials development expertise in applied QTC® materials and 12 years software development in HMI displays and controls is brought together to offer an end-to-end touch solution provision.

The company’s core IP is protected by a healthy International Patent Portfolio.

Peratech QTC® technology has been integrated in over one million devices, in areas such as smartphones, electronic whiteboards, cordless drills and even NASA robots!

Recent groundbreaking developments in QTC® materials allow for an expanded range of application uses, especially in key markets such as automotive controls sensing and next generation consumer/industrial touch solutions. QTC® is the perfect technology companion for the latest developments in haptic feedback – allowing pressure sensitive touch to complete the haptic integration puzzle.

QTC® materials today are custom developed screen-printable inks, in both opaque and clear formulations, printing at only a few microns thick. These new incarnations of the material replace the legacy sheet materials, opening up many new opportunities for the technology as the key enabler.

Applications for QTC® are in the consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, defence, toys and games, mobile telephony, computer and all other markets where 3D touch input is a requirement.

Recent new ownership, new management, and new business model is dedicated and focused on commercial applications in mass production products.

Peratech’s HQ is proud to be based in North Yorkshire in the UK, but the team has offices in the USA, China, South Korea and Stockholm, Sweden.