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What we do

We enable new and better user interfaces (UI) and human-machine interactions (HMI) through our proprietary nanomaterial-based technologies and embedded algorithms by engineering skin-like pressure-sensing into a variety of electronics surfaces that make those devices fundamentally easier and more intuitive to use.

Working at Peratech

Peratech is about creating value through the breakthroughs in UI/HMI. But developing novel ideas into world-class products is not easy: it takes a multi-disciplined, international team of dedicated experts working together to continually uncover the unknown, solve difficult problems, and deliver consistent, mass-producible solutions.

How do we do this? People.

Amazing, talented, driven people.

Our team is the driving force behind our five years of progress and success. We come from a wide range of professional and ethnic backgrounds, from multi-national electronics companies to farming. From Dubai and Suzhou, to Sheboygan and Sunderland. While we embrace diversity in thinking, we share key traits needed to succeed: curiosity, intelligence, creativity, and the ability to work with others to achieve something none of us could do on our own.

One global solution team working together

While our efforts to achieve our goals are truly global, they start in the UK. We are proudly based in North Yorkshire, but we also have team members in Sweden, China, South Korea, USA and Japan.

 Mike Levin   Dongeun Kim (D.K)   Sarah Dempsey   Fredrik Jonsson   Alva Sun 

Current Opportunites

Simulation Scientist


Embedded Firmware Engineer


Software Development Engineer