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In-house Capabilities

Peratech offers cutting-edge environments to aid development of your chosen pressure-sensing solution. Within the UK company headquarters the team has at its disposal:

  • Full mechanical and printed electronic design service
  • Screenprinting artwork production
  • In-house screenprinting of QTC® Material, Silver, Carbons and other conductive inks for protoyping sensor layouts
  • Sensor layer cold lamination
  • Material development
  • Material and sensor testing, e.g. environmental, durabilty, lifecycle
  • Laser profile cutting
  • Demonstration electronics, firmware and GUI development

See here for more information on how Peratech engages with clients on a project and moves to quickly enable the next generation of touch-enabled devices.

Peratech Facility

Integrated Clean Room

All material development, testing and prototyping is carried out in our newly installed Class 10,000 Modular Clean Rooms, providing peace of mind that all sensor assemblies and materials are not subjected to anything that they shouldn't be at any stage of the process. Our Clean Room specification is as follows:

  • 4 x ISO (14644) Class 7 (Class 10,000) Clean Rooms:
  • Ink manufacturing Lab (opaque)
  • Ink manufacturing Lab (clear)
  • Screenprinting Lab
  • Testing / QA / R&D Lab

Peratech Cleanrooms