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Answers to the questions we are asked the get you up and running quickly

Why should I choose a Peratech sensor over other force sensing solutions on the market?

Peratech sensors uniquely incorporate QTC. This state-of-the-art nano technology delivers many important advantages over other force sensing resistive solutions. These include increased sensitivity, superior environmental performance & stability, better sensor-to-sensor repeatability, and enhanced lifetime durability.

What is 3D Multi-touch?

Simple – the ability to track multiple touch points for both position (X, & Y) and pressure (Z) simultaneously. Our matrix sensors and complementary firmware unlock this exciting next-generation area of HMI in multiple markets and applications.

What materials can be used over a Peratech sensor?

Many! Plastics, Rubbers, Metals, Wood, Leather, Glass, and even flexible displays to name a few.

Can a Peratech sensor be used on a curved surface?

Yes! Our matrix sensors can be deployed on a single radius curved surface.

What is a QTC Clear sensor?

A sensor solution incorporating QTC clear technology making the sensor transparent allowing over for over-display application and additional illumination options.

Are Peratech sensors and solutions cost competitive?

In a word, yes! But we focus on overall value–add in the application and total cost of ownership, not just sensor unit cost. For example, our matrix solutions allow a single sensor design to be used in multiple different applications with simple firmware changes, vastly reducing development and tooling costs.

I have a custom requirement, what do I do?

Please use the Contact form to get in touch with us. We will review your requirements and advise the most appropriate next steps.

Can you help me with hardware design, embedded firmware or integration support?

Yes, Peratech is a full service company enabling customers to get to market quickly and efficiently. We have a range of value-add services that can be selected on a “menu” basis and typically paid for through NRE charges.

I would like to purchase standard sensors; how do I do that?

You can purchase standard sensors, hardware interfaces and accessories via our Webstore (coming soon).

I have a complementary technology or service I’d like to introduce to Peratech. How do I do that?

Please use the Contact form to get in touch.

What happened to Elastomeric QTC and QTC Pills?

These are both legacy products no longer supported by Peratech.

Where can I find a data sheet for your standard products?

There are downloads available with each product in the Standard Products section.

I want to measure weight accurately. Should I use a Peratech sensor?

Generally no. Peratech sensors are optimised for HMI and MMI inputs between 0.1 and 20N and the measurement of relative changes in force.

I’m a private individual or student. Can Peratech assist with my project?

Unfortunately not. However, you can buy sensors and hardware interface solutions from our Webstore, plus we have data sheets and other guidance available for download. Educational institutions with funded projects should contact us via the Contact form.