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Maia Jones

Maia Jones

4th year Physics with Astrophysics Integrated Masters student at the University of York — Summer intern in Research and Development Project Governance 2021

Why did you apply for an internship with Peratech?  

I applied for an internship with Peratech because I was excited by the prospect of working with a company researching the scientific concepts I've studied at university. I saw an internship with Peratech as a rare opportunity to learn more about how science is applied to create products with real applications in society. Also, it was an opportunity to discover what it would be like to work in the tech industry. After researching both the company and the experience of previous interns, it became clear to me that this would be a unique opportunity to upskill and boost my CV before I graduated. I was thrilled when I got the role.

What projects are you involved in at Peratech? 

 I was involved in three projects during my time at Peratech. The main focus of my internship was creating training material for team members to facilitate a change to the company's project management structure. Throughout this project, I had many learning opportunities. I spent time learning about project management theory, researching TeamGantt, shadowing meetings between project managers within the company, and communicating with other team members to gather feedback and input. To further this, I also helped research how Peratech could use a new finance program to help Peratech track project budgets. This gave me a great insight into finance management. It was also my responsibility to lead and manage the creation of the Peratech internship blog. This last project granted me the freedom to gain practical experience in project management and put the theory I had learnt into practice.

What has been the highlights of your internship with Peratech? 

The highlight of my internship has been meeting and working with the friendly, enthusiastic, and talented team at Peratech. I found I enjoyed working in an environment where everyone values your input and are always more than happy to help you make the most of your internship. I also found it extremely rewarding to work on projects which will have a lasting impact on the company. For example, the training material I produced has already been used in team member training.  It will continue to be used as a training resource by the company in the coming months.

What have you gained from your internship with Peratech? 

By completing this internship, I have gained a whole host of knowledge and practical experience in project management, which I would not have developed through my degree alone. I also found that the trust and respect Peratech showed to me, allowing me a level of independence and responsibility within the projects, enabled me to gain greater confidence in my existing skills and future employability. Finally, the most valuable thing I have gained from my time with Peratech is career mentorship. The advice from Chris Muteham, amongst other members of the Peratech team, will be invaluable when I'm making career decisions after I graduate.