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Anywhere a physical human-machine or machine-machine interface exists, Peratech’s solutions can improve that interaction.

Peratech solutions enable improved interfaces because fundamentally, our QTC-based sensors measure physical interaction. Wherever there is pressure, and we can direct that pressure onto our sensors, we can measure that pressure and potentially do something valuable with that data.

What other applications are out there?

  • Power Tools – moving beyond simple on/off to variable motor control control, leveraging presence/impact detection for increased accuracy and safety.
  • Medical and Home Health Devices – From simple button arrays to full multi-touch interfaces above or below screens or other surfaces. Peratech solutions are highly immune to electrical noise and water events making them ideal for this high dependency application as well as the ability to use disinfectants.
  • Security – From system touch panels to presence detection – Peratech answers multiple challenges in this market by detecting presence in combination with other security measures.
  • Toys & Games – Thin, customisable sensor solutions upgrade user experiences in everything from game controllers, to plush toys and board games.

Other relevant markets and applications include sports, robotics, learning aids and prosthetics.