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Consumer Electronics

Tomorrow’s smartphones, tablets, personal computing, gaming and other consumer products are moving beyond 2D touch to 3D force touch. We have the mass production-ready solution for you today.

The next generation of human machine interface will be driven by the innovative use of force sensing. Peratech’s QTC force-sensing provides the leading combination of light-touch sensitivity, dynamic range, part-to-part consistency, and environmental stability all in an easy-to-use, thin package.

The result is a sensing solution that enables you to make all of your device displays, surfaces, edges, and corners 3D, force-touch smart surfaces, leveraging how people naturally handle your device to create the best user experiences.

QTC Mobile Side Buttons

How about the side edge of a cell phone becoming a simple gesture interface by swiping in different directions or at different speeds?

Or the rear of your tablet becoming a multi-touch interface?

Or your remote controls replacing 10s of buttons with dynamically reconfigurable grip, twist, squeeze and swipe?

Peratech is enabling thinner, smarter, and more user-friendly applications with its QTC based force-sensing solutions. And we’re able to support customers at the lightning pace of consumer electronics product development.  Learn more about our engineering services.

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics