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Smart Home & Appliances

3D Force touch is driving consumer demand for more IQ in their HQ. Peratech enables smart homes and appliances making the consumer feel smarter.

The proliferation of new features in our homes, from environmental controls and advanced lighting to full home-automation is driving the requirement for feature rich and intelligent interfaces.  Unfortunately, the 2D interfaces of today are too complex—we’re in danger of turning the whole home into “which remote do I use for that?”

Because Peratech sensors are integrated and used in 3 dimensions, we enable smart home and appliances designers the ability to simplify user experiences in a cost effective manner.  Peratech sensors also provide simplicity in a one-sensor solution that can be deployed above, below or around a variety of different flexible and rigid control display. Peratech sensors also work under metal, plastic, wood, glass or other surface materials.

Peratech QTC Plastic Bezel Buttons

Because Peratech sensors are thin and have a large range of bend-to install options, they can integrated into a variety home and home-appliance finishings—all invisible to the consumer.