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Why is force sensing safer and more convenient than capacitive touch in vehicles?

By Tolis Voutsas, Chief Technology Officer, Peratech

If you are driving a mid-range or luxury car these days, chances are you have a touch screen in the dashboard that allows you to control a significant number of the vehicle functions, especially the audio system, telephone and satellite navigation. These screens have proliferated…

Hold tight! QTC force-sensing technology creates more intuitive user interfaces

By Tolis Voutsas, Chief Technology Officer, Peratech

Think of a rollercoaster ride and you’re immediately transported onto the track; you can feel the speed, the wind in your face, the fear and excitement as you grip the safety rail (or your neighbour!) tightly as you fly around the track. The thrill of the white knuckle ride. You…

HMI skin: may the force-sensing be with you…

How creating future touch-sensitive devices with a printable medium such as QTC opens the door to numerous design benefits