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KitGuru Peratech Force Sensing Keys Hands-on Video

You've heard of optical switches - but have you ever tried a keyboard that is force sensitive?

Peratech x Lenovo Force Sensitive Laptop Keys

Peratech have teamed up with Lenovo to bring their force sensitive technology to Legion 7 and 7i laptops.

Haptic Force-Enhanced Trackpad Delivers Greater Functionality, Speed, and Accuracy for Notebook Users

Las Vegas, USA, January 4, 2023 – Peratech, a tactile-sensing HMI company, and Innovobot Labs, an R&D and innovation design house, will unveil the new FusionPad Haptic Force-Enhanced Trackpad at CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8. FusionPad will greatly enhance the notebook user experience. Instead of just one click, it delivers a broad range of user interactions, including multiple…

Peratech is bringing precision control for gamers to the humble keyboard

Peratech wants to change that with a new range of “force feedback” keyboards that are starting to turn up in Lenovo notebook computers.

Peratech transforms PC gaming experience through new force-enabled keyboards on latest Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 gaming notebooks

11th July 2022 Peratech, a leading innovator in tactile-based user interfaces for high-performance electronics, has announced that its full-range, force-sensing technology will be in the latest Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 (16”, 7) gaming laptops’ W-A-S-D…

Peratech’s Dr Sarah Dempsey awarded Future Leader’s Fellowship

Richmond, Yorkshire, UK – 4th November 2021.

Peratech, a world-leading tactile-sensing solutions company, announced today that Dr Sarah Dempsey, R&D Manager, has been awarded a four-year Future Leader’s Fellowship and grant by the UKRI ( The grant provides significant funding to support Dempsey’s…

Peratech Relocates R&D to NETPark

Richmond, Yorkshire, UK – 15 September 2021.

Peratech, a world-leading tactile-sensing solutions company, has relocated its global R&D labs from its current location near Richmond, North Yorkshire, to NETPark, Sedgefield, County Durham. 

NETPark (…

Peratech appoints Jim Thomas as Chief Commercial Officer

Richmond, Yorkshire, UK, 08 September 2021.

Peratech, a world-leading tactile-sensing solutions company, has appointed Jim Thomas as Chief Commercial Officer.  Thomas joins Peratech to scale Peratech's design wins in gaming and commercial user interfaces and to build strategic partnerships for ultrathin tactile solutions in consumer electronics.

Thomas came from…