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Force-sensing specialist, Peratech, appoints Michael Levin as Chief Commercial Officer

Peratech, a world leader in force-sensing technology, has appointed Michael Levin as its new Chief Commercial Officer.

Richmond, Yorkshire – 14 July 2016: Peratech, a world leader in force-sensing technology, has appointed Michael Levin as its new Chief Commercial Officer.  

Levin joins Peratech from Synaptics, where he was a Senior Business Manager and led initiatives to introduce innovative keyboard and automotive products. Levin joined Synaptics through the acquisition of Pacinian, where he served as Vice President of Business Development. He also spent 14 years with Immersion, working in several roles including Vice President of Technology and Partnerships as well as General Manager of Touch Interface Products.

“Mike brings a wealth of experience in tactile sensing for human-machine interfaces,” explained Jon Stark, Peratech’s CEO. “His experience commercialising HMI solutions based on a variety of technologies gives him unique insights into the challenges we currently face in the touch and force-sensing industry. His knowledge of our key target markets and customer needs will help guide the development of solutions based on our unique QTC® force-sensing technology.”

“I believe Peratech’s force-sensing solutions could set new standards for intuitive and satisfying user experiences in next generation HMI,” commented Levin. “I am particularly excited by the ability of the Peratech team to quickly deliver high-performing, cost-effective prototypes with its screen printable QTC-based force-sensors. Peratech has developed ultra-thin solutions that accurately sense touch and force for a wide range of applications with environmental stability and long term reliability.”

Levin has held engineering and project management positions at Merck & Co, Lego, Odetics, and the TRW Ballistic Missiles Division. Early in his career, he performed research at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and MIT Space Systems Laboratory.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical and Avionics Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been awarded over 30 patents and authored numerous papers on haptics and robotics.

About Peratech

Based on patented Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC®) technology, Peratech’s force sensors bring a new dimension to touch controls. QTC materials change from being an almost perfect insulator to becoming increasingly conductive in proportion to the amount of force applied to them. The materials are very resilient with predictable deformation and recovery so that changes in resistance due to even the slightest pressure on the QTC material is both predictable and repeatable over more than a million cycles.

For designers of human machine interfaces (HMI), QTC technology offers unrivalled creative freedom and opportunities for product differentiation in both ergonomics and aesthetics. It makes touch buttons, panels and displays far easier to use.

Peratech’s award-winning, thin and flexible QTC sensors come in single-point, 3D single-touch, and 3D multi-touch versions. They can be used above, below or around rigid or flexible displays, or under metal, plastic, wood, or glass surfaces. The QTC touch experience is intuitive, consistent, precise, durable and reliable, whatever the environment, even when using gloved fingers or in the presence of moisture.

The diverse applications for QTC force sensors include consumer and automotive electronics, smart home systems and appliances, and industrial controls. Over a million devices around the world now employ the technology. Peratech’s custom design and integration service minimises both cost and time-to-market. The company also offers a range of standard products. Peratech Holdco Ltd., a privately held company based in Richmond, Yorkshire, UK.  

Quantum Tunnelling Composite and QTC are registered trademarks of Peratech Holdco Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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