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Custom Sensor Design

Peratech offers a wide range of sensor design specifications to meet your exact application needs and rapidly prototypes solutions to ensure your sensor design achieves meets your requirements.

Leveraging a deep understanding of force input and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Peratech allow us to develop innovative and creative designs.

Peratech provides three technology nodes that comprise the full range of sensor capability, and then use the technology nodes creatively in application to minimise complexity and cost while maximizing functionality.

Peratech Single Point Sensor Designs

Single Point

Measures changes in one axis (z) pressure

Peratech Single Touch Array Sensor Designs

Single Touch, Array

Measures changes in two or three axis (x or y plus z; or x, y and z) pressure

Peratech Multi-Touch Array Sensor Designs


Measures multiple points in all 3 axis simultaneously

With 3D modelling, Peratech designs all custom sensors to fully integrate with the mechanics of your product (see Mechanical Integration Support)

To learn more about how to pick the best sensor solution for you (whether it’s a standard or custom solution), please contact us.

Custom Sensor Design
Custom Sensor Design