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Mechanical Integration Support

High-performing, mass producible sensor solutions.

Creating an optimally-performing sensor solution (whether you use a standard or custom sensor) requires a proper product integration from a mechanical perspective.  Peratech creates high-performing, mass producible sensor solutions by ensuring that mechanical integration questions are addressed throughout the product development lifecycle, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth ramp to volume production

Mechanical Engineering

  • Clearly define requirements, specifications, and objectives
  • Determine the optimal, supply-chain-readymaterial set and processes
  • Define the elastic system, complete equilibrium studies, deformation studies
  • Conduct linear and non-linear static and dynamic structural finite element analysis

Mechanical Design

  • Concept design, detailed design
  • 2D 3D modelling
  • Design review, DfX
  • Virtual prototyping, rendering
  • Analysis, virtual testing

Physical Prototyping & Test

  • Full module-build capabilities
  • Electrical, functional, physical and environmental test labs
  • Test fixture and software development 
Mechanical Integration Support
Mechanical Integration Support