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QTC Multi-touch Sensors

A new-generation of HMI possibilities start here!

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You need multi-touch? You need pressure sensing? How about both simultaneously, where every touch point is tracked in X, Y & Z axis? We do that!

Peratech 3D multi-touch matrix sensors unlock the next-generation in HMI experiences, enabling new gestures, simplified interfaces, and endless flexibility.

So sensitive they can be integrated under multiple top surfaces including plastics, metals, glass and flexible displays. Better still, they can be deployed in curved applications.

Because our matrix sensor can be dynamically reconfigured through firmware, a single or small number of sensor design(s) can fit multiple applications, dramatically reducing development and tooling costs.

And if any other reasons were needed to use Peratech 3D multi-touch sensors, they’re low power, immune to EMI and water events, work with gloved hands and passive stylus, and can be transparent as well as opaque.