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Hydra™ is PERATECH'S user interface for customizing and updating laptops equipped with our Keyboard Force Control technology.

Turn on Hydra and out-of-the box you’ll FEEL your gaming become easier, faster, more intuitive, and more competitive. Hydra delivers a killer gaming experience, by transforming your WASD keys into intelligent gaming controls that react to the pressure you apply:

Go from walking, to jogging, to activating a game specific macro simply by pressing one key a little harder. No modifier keys needed!

Transform your WASD keys into analog game controller thumbstick outputs, giving you smooth, realistic control for driving games, and other simulations.

Per-Game User Experience: 

Hydra maps macros and game controller actions to keys with GAME PROFILES.

Each GAME PROFILE links to a specific game. The profile activates automatically when you play. If you use an app without a profile Hydra disables itself, giving you normal key functionality.

Hydra comes with pre-defined profiles for some popular games. If you have a game which doesn’t have a profile yet, get in touch and we’ll add the most popular requests to our next release.

Take Control Of Your Controls And Share With Others: 

You can use Hydra to edit existing profiles or create your own GAME PROFILES with Zero Coding Knowledge required.

Have your friends or followers got laptops with PERATECH’S Keyboard Force Control technology? Share your GAME PROFILES, show them how you’re set up to win, engage and increase your audience. 

Supported Notebook PCs: 

  • Lenovo Legion 7 (2022 models): 
  • Legion 7 16IAX7
  • Lenovo Legion 7 16IAX7 D1
  • Legion Y9000K IAX7

Product features

  • 11 pre-installed Game Profiles including Forza Horizon 4, Resident Evil Village, FIFA 22, PUBG, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey/Valhalla, Dirt Rally 2, Nioh 2, Doom Eternal, Hitman 3, Dying Light
  • Automatic profile switching between apps. Hydra turns off when you work in apps without a profile, so the keyboard works exactly like a standard keyboard with other apps you are running.
  • Use WASD keys to activate custom key macros, or replicate a game controller for true analog game play, all from your keyboard
  • Xbox Game Bar Widget overlay lets you see your force levels as you play. Use the Widget to fine-tune force levels, sensitivity, or show viewers how you’re using PERATECH’S keyboard force control to win more.
  • Customize game control key bindings and macros with thresholds, sensitivity, key-force response and more
  • Import and export GAME PROFILES for sharing your customizations and creations
  • Create your own GAME PROFILES with Zero Code Knowledge.
  • Three force thresholds per key to “stack” controls based on how hard you press (ex: walk, run, dodge, etc.)
  • Makes more games more fun for more people
  • Make your keyboard control tactile again
  • Out-of-the-box easy
  • Simple controls, with extensive help documentation