About Peratech

Peratech Limited was established in 1996 to exploit QTC™ Materials. Peratech's early years were spent investigating the repeatable manufacture of QTC™ Materials and categorising and quantifying their performance. This subsequently resulted in the filing of a number of worldwide patents for QTC™ Materials and this portfolio continues to be strengthened.

Peratech has operations in the UK, Singapore and South Korea, and addresses multiple global markets working directly with OEMs, key integrators, and major component manufacturers.

Peratech has won several prestigious industry awards including the Saatchi and Saatchi Communication Award and the Tomorrow’s World Industry Award. Peratech has also been the recipient of three SMART awards from the UK Government to aid the development and exploitation of QTC™ Materials.

Peratech works closely with Durham University, where a permanent research group continues to develop and advance the science of QTC™ Materials.

Peratech is based near Richmond, in North Yorkshire, from where QTC™ Materials is manufactured and shipped worldwide.


In March 2014, Peratech Holdco Limited acquired the business and assets of Peratech Limited.