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Peratech’s ethos is to attract diverse skill-sets and talents then promote personal and team learning and growth to support the company’s ever-expanding development needs. We treat our interns no differently:

We will help you achieve their goals and aspirations, to grow as an individual, and to start you career in the best possible way.

During your time at Peratech, you'll work alongside Peratech's award-winning research team, gaining valuable experience and commercial-lab skills in a real-world environment. In addition, our most senior team members will actively mentor you. They'll provide you with insights into industry best practices and encourage you to explore new ways of thinking to solve day-to-day technical problems. In return, they expect you to participate in the analysis and decision-making process.

Our intern programme has completed many projects that have delivered real value to Peratech. Just from the last few years, our interns have:

  • Developed rheological test procedures to quantify the behaviour of inks, enabling Peratech to optimise deposition properties for various printing methods
  • Investigated the surface characteristics of composite films using white light interferometry to determine and address root causes of sensor-to-sensor variation, making our sensors outperform the competition in key performance parameters
  • Design, developed and implemented factory automation routines for mass-producing our nanoparticle inks that increased product quality while decreasing production costs and manufacturing time
  • Developed and wrote automated analysis routines for common sensing system tests using MATLAB that reduced analysis time from hours to minutes
  • Built a finite element analysis (FEA) model of our sensors to predict the sensor performance impact of changing key mechanical integration design parameters reducing design cycles and time to market by six to nine months.

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Quotes from our interns

Our interns have been involved with various projects, ranging from artificial intelligence to project governance. Below you can discover a little about the work each of our interns was tasked with. In addition, we asked them some questions about why they applied for our internship and their experience of working with the Peratech team.

Thomas Butcher

Thomas Butcher

4th Year Physics Integrated Masters Student at the University of York — Summer intern in Computational Simulation and AI 2021

Roshan Chacko

Roshan Chacko

4th Year Physics with Nanoscience Masters Student at the University of Nottingham — Summer intern in Computational Research and Development 2021

Maia Jones

Maia Jones

4th year Physics with Astrophysics Integrated Masters student at the University of York — Summer intern in Research and Development Project Governance 2021

James Waller

James Waller

4th Year Physics Integrated Masters Student at the University of York — Summer intern in Research and Development and Experimental Physics 2021

Benjamin Beddard

Benjamin Beddard

Graduate from Durham University with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry — Year-long intern in Experimental Research and Development 2021