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Haptic Force-Enhanced Trackpad Delivers Greater Functionality, Speed, and Accuracy for Notebook Users

Las Vegas, USA, January 4, 2023 – Peratech, a tactile-sensing HMI company, and Innovobot Labs, an R&D and innovation design house, will unveil the new FusionPad Haptic Force-Enhanced Trackpad at CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8. FusionPad will greatly enhance the notebook user experience. Instead of just one click, it delivers a broad range of user interactions, including multiple clicks to expand functionality and fast, accurate haptic feedback to optimize control. It also eliminates false touch while typing.

FusionPad is thinner, allowing for a bigger battery and greater air flow to cool processors and improve overall performance. It is integration-ready and compatible with existing product engineering tools. It is also process and technology ready for AVL-approved supply chains.

FusionPad combines Peratech’s patented Quantum Tunneling Composites technology and Innovobot Labs’ applied haptics design. “This collaboration exemplifies our innovation model, where Peratech and Innovobot Labs have joined forces to build a superior product that integrates the best in haptics effects and force sensing.” says Innovobot CEO, Mario Venditti.

Peratech’s sensing matrix, made of hundreds of individual force sensors, detects different levels of applied pressure not only identifying an intensity, but also a profile – the difference between a finger and a pen, for example – with no inconsistencies. The haptic output developed by Innovobot Labs offers an expanded high-fidelity frequency range of 150 Hz to 350 Hz, as opposed to the limited single frequencies currently available on the market.

“The tactile-feedback loop between great, consistent sensing and beyond single-click haptics, drives the new level of expanded functionality that FusionPad makes available to OEMs and their end-users,” states Jon Stark, CEO at Peratech. “What’s more, our firmware intelligence enables a design philosophy that uses ordinary parts in extraordinary ways, making FusionPad more affordable to the broader OEM market.”.

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About Peratech

Peratech’s award-winning, proprietary, tactile-sensing user interfaces bring a new dimension to the electronics user experience enabling intuitive, engaging human machine interactions in a wide variety of applications and markets. Over a million devices around the world now employ Peratech technologies. Peratech’s custom design and product integration engineering services minimize both cost and time to mass product launch. Peratech Holdco Ltd. is a privately held company based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK.

Quantum Tunnelling Composite and QTC are registered trademarks of Peratech Holdco Ltd.

About Innovobot Labs

Innovobot Labs is an R&D and Innovation Design House operated by Innovobot. The Labs tackle pressing problems through the development and application of cutting-edge technologies. Focused on Human-Machine Interface, Robotics, AI, IoT and Advanced Materials, Innovobot Labs provides companies with a framework for open innovation and collaboration, with the goal of creating products, solutions and IP that are commercialization ready.

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