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Peratech appoints Jim Thomas as Chief Commercial Officer

Richmond, Yorkshire, UK, 08 September 2021.

Peratech, a world-leading tactile-sensing solutions company, has appointed Jim Thomas as Chief Commercial Officer.  Thomas joins Peratech to scale Peratech's design wins in gaming and commercial user interfaces and to build strategic partnerships for ultrathin tactile solutions in consumer electronics.

Thomas came from Swift Navigation, where he was Head of Mobile Strategy, and Sensel, where he was VP of Business Development. He successfully led product integration and commercialisation initiatives, propelling both company’s technologies into must-have feature-sets for mobile, consumer electronics, PC computing, and automotive market segments. Thomas has 23 years’ expertise building high-tech organisations, including nLIGHTn, Scalado, and Picsel where he held VP, C-level, and other leadership positions. Thomas built a track-record of repeatable strategic sales and business development successes by achieving high customer-satisfaction in technical solutions and high-quality service. In addition to his sales roles, Thomas was advised various start-ups as well as California and Taiwan-based Venture Capital.

Remarked Jon Stark, Peratech CEO, “Jim joins us at the perfect time:  His ability to navigate the rapid-ramp-to-volume, product development lifecycle in commercial electronics and scale franchise-customer wins is exactly what we are doing right now.  He has already made deep connections internally—even in Covid times—and created the wow message that our team backs up with world-class, game-changing solutions.”

“Peratech’s innovation foundation from the UK is so strong,” said Thomas, “but what really sets the company apart from our competition is the engineering and commercialisation capability in China. Together, our multi-national teams create rapid-volume launch solutions that I haven’t seen before in the market. It’s such an exciting time to be at Peratech.”

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About Peratech

Based on patented Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC®) technology, Peratech's tactile sensing solutions bring a new dimension to touch controls. Peratech's sensors change from being an almost perfect insulator to becoming increasingly conductive in proportion to the amount of force applied to them. In addition, the materials are very resilient with predictable deformation and recovery so that changes in resistance due to even the slightest pressure on the sensor material is both predictable and repeatable over more than a million cycles.

For designers of human-machine interfaces (HMI), Peratech's technology offers unrivalled creative freedom and opportunities for product differentiation in both ergonomics and aesthetics. It makes touch buttons, panels, and displays far easier to use.

Peratech's award-winning, thin, and flexible sensors come in single-point, 3D single-touch, and 3D multi-touch versions. They can be used above, below, or around rigid or flexible displays or under metal, plastic, wood, or glass surfaces. As a result, Peratech's tactile solution experience is intuitive, consistent, precise, durable, and reliable, whatever the environment, even when using gloved fingers or in the presence of moisture.

The diverse applications for QTC tactile sensors include consumer and automotive electronics, smart-home systems and appliances, and industrial controls. Over a million devices around the world now employ the technology. Peratech's custom design and integration service minimise both cost and time-to-market. The company also offers a range of standard products. Peratech Holdco Ltd., a privately held company, is based in Richmond, Yorkshire, UK.

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