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Efficient integrated force-touch user experience development.

Peratech PTSuite Software

Peratech provides a demonstration and development tool chain that makes developing an integrated force-touch user experience easier, faster and less expensive. 

  • GUI interface to use optimize force-touch library for your specific application.  Chip-agnostic, compact code base lowers total BOM cost and complexity
  • Custom algorithmic support for advanced applications
  • Tooling for low and high level graphics development
  • Low-level embedded user interface support (C based)
  • High-level user interface support (w3c standards, javascript)
  • Event engines for embedded controls
  • Software developed to industry standards
  • Shipped over 600 million units with embedded software
  • Optimized for both bitmap and vector graphics
  • Support for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and proprietary graphic hardware
  • Animation engine for fluid graphic interactions
  • Fast prototyping on PC with support for iOS, Android and OS X

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Embedded Firmware & Software Solutions
Embedded Firmware & Software Solutions